…A Surprising Phenomenon?

🙂 Are you looking for something to think about today?

Well, take a look at the image below.

Heres the question: What square (A or B) is darker? LOOK AT IT CAREFULLY.



-Okay- I know what you’re thinking… It’s pretty much obvious that A is darker than B.

BUT IT’S NOT. A and B are the same shade.

-Yea ok…What?

Take a look at it again closely…they are exactly the same shade!

Look. A and B.

The squares marked A and B are the same shade of gray.

Don’t believe this? It’s okay, even though I’ve looked through this image millions of times, I still don’t believe it. 🙂

*If you want to see if this is true, you can print the image out, cut out the squares, and match them together.*

Fool… -or not?

-Re-read 1.5, and when you re-read focus on the character of Feste.

  1. How long do you think he has been in Olivia’s household?

Quite awhile because feste and Olivia seem to be used to each other, seeing by the way they talk to each other.

Is Feste a carefree fool with no troubles?

Yes. Kind of. He hasn’t had any problems yet. Feste is the character known as “The fool” but he doesn’t act and talk foolishly.

  1. Does he have a brain?

Yes. I think almost definitely. He has a very clever way of twisting his words and confusing people with them.

  1. If you were a director of this play either on stage or in film, who would you cast for Feste?  (Someone you know? A Hollywood actor? Your brother?)  How would you costume him/ her?

Rowan Atkinson. 🙂 I would make him wear a foolish looking costume.


1. “Pour quoi, my dear knight?”(1.3.76)

I especially like this line because it has included a french word into it, meaning ‘why’. I also like it because it was different to the other lines, (because there are 2 languages) and I think it sounds extremely professional when it’s being said. 🙂

2. “I am not such an ass but I can keep my hand dry.” (1.3.60-1)

Although I am not fully certain about this line but I found and thought it was a very interesting line. The meaning of it? (The way I understand this sentence is a little unappropriate so I’d rather not…)

BUT– I also found it amusing when we had come across this line in class, because it was not exactly an appropriate word, and it was surprising to see it being included in a quite ancient play like this. (I thought the words in a play written by shakespeare, and at an ancient time like that would be extremely elegant.)

3. “Now, sir, thought is free. I pray you bring your hand to th’buttery-bar and let it drink.” (1.3.57-58)

 I like this line because the meaning is clear and I think it is presented in such a creative way to show it’s meaning. -Like so instead of saying something like ‘Why don’t you go to the bar and have a drink?’ it’s ‘I pray you bring your hand to th’buttery-bar and let it drink.’ and it sounds so like…-awesome and a little amusing…

“That quaffering and drinking will undo you” (1.3.111)

I like this line because I think it is put together in a quite unusual way. Especially the ‘will undo you’ part of the sentence -I think- because this is not used very often to describe a certain person.

-For example, we don’t really say things like “All that hard work will absolutly undo you!” or maybe “The old man was hit by a car and suddenly became totally undone!”


That was Stupid.

Ugh. After all that reminding I’d already done, she had forgotten again. I flipped my sandwich open and saw the disgusting combination of chicken, cheese, ham, bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise…and tons of other stuff. What was i gonna do, walk back and ask her for a different one? So I walked back to my seat and sat down. I was mad, and while I pulled the disgusting pieces out, I thought…

-How hilarious would it be if this was on my friends face?

So next thing I know, the huge piece of ham landed straight across her face. Oops. I bursted out laughing, but I started calming down when I looked and saw the anger in her eyes as she picked up a huge piece from her sandwich and aimed it at me. I knew it was coming so I quickly dodged and… splat! it landed straight into someone else’s plate. You could probably guessed what had happened after, because I’d soon realized that I had pulled 25 people into a humongous food fight.

It soon ended, with a teacher who had realized what was happened, coming in with a face with such anger and was absolutely disgusted with the huge mess that was made.

“Who started this???”

I was still laughing as I raised my hand up, and I slowly figured out that it wasn’t really that funny anymore. After I was lead outside, I had an incredibly intense talk with the teacher, and then I had slowly made my way into the principal’s office and sat down and waited. Ohhh god.

That was stupid.